Thursday, May 17, 2012


With another Mother's Day come and gone, I contemplated about everything I have ever received over the past 6 years, but no gift will ever come close to our Brilee. SHE WILL ALWAYS BE MY BEST GIFT EVER RECEIVED! I love this little girl with all my heart and I am so grateful and proud to be her mommy....

Monday, April 11, 2011


Our little Miss Brilee, has been taking gymnastics since she was 3! So now finally we have been able to get her team pictures taken and now up to see! Hopefully I will be more on the ball and actually take some of her in action and doing her thing at her studio "Tanglewood." Very proud of her and its really fun to see her tumble about and strut her stuff ;) Super cute and she already is able to do somersaults, balance beam, hold on to the bars without help, trampoline and trying to do cartwheels! This summer she is going to continue in taking gymnastics and a beginners dance class, and hopefully be in the local parade with her group. Good job, and way to go! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011



After, a couple of years of planning we finally made it on our biggest trip yet! We went with Brian's family for a week long adventure to Disneyland (3 days), Universal Studios, San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, and fast trip to the Beach. We were able to get some really great deals to help with the costs. Including a package through a travel agency that included all the 4 Parks. We didn't fly, but instead able to rent a couple of nice cars and split the costs that way.

We left Saturday morning and drove straight through, with only stopping as needed. Brian drove one of the cars and he drove straight through without switching! He did a good job and proud of him. The drive was long but we had a good time driving with Brian's youngest Sister Marie, and her Husband Kagen. Brilee was really great the whole time and was good at letting us know when she needed to go.

We arrived, at our Condo, which was a timeshare. We debated about a Hotel, but again to save I found us a timeshare through KSL, and then we split the cost between 3 families, it was worth it in the long run. Dolphin's Cove is what it was called and it wasn't more than a mile away from Disneyland. However, Brian's parents and Sister and her family stayed at a Hotel, right across the street from the entrance of Disneyland, were kind enough to help us out by shuttling us to and from. There was a shuttle but it was costly. Once, we got checked in later that night and settled we went out to a Denny's around the corner.


We didn't do much, because some of Brian's siblings and their families were not there yet, til later that evening. So we just all lounged around and then eventually went swimming. Actually everyone else went swimming but me... We also went grocery shopping, since the timeshare had a kitchen, and we were able to make most of our meals there instead of eating out and having to deal with steep park food costs.  Brilee had a great time in the pool, since she is a little fish! It was cute to see her paddling around in the pool. Everyone who did swim looked like they had a good time too. Oh and it was nice to have awsome, warm, weather for a change!


Today, was the first day to Disneyland. We, were all so excited, we couldn't wait! First time for Brilee and she didn't know what to to think! She got more and more excited and just couldn't wait to get into the park. She was tall enough to ride pretty much all of the rides, but after awhile it took a toll on her and she kinda had gotten an upset stomach. So she had to take it easy for awhile. We started at Fantasyland which is all the rides telling about the Disney Classics. We went through most of them, and Brilee loved the DUMBO ride. The teacups were pretty fun just because Brian and his siblings and spouses just couldn't get them to spin fast enough. The lines weren't bad, and neither was the crowd. Able to see many Characters around and took time for pictures. We then headed to Frontierland and rode some of the rodes over there. Including Pirates of the Carribean, The Haunted Mansion, and Indiana Jones Ride. Before we knew it the day was coming to an end. 


Since it was Brilee's 5th Birthday, we had already pre-planned a Character Breakfast at Ariel's Resturant in California Adventureland. It was special because it was with several of the Princesses, which Brilee has been really into lately. It was actually decent food, and good service. Brilee was so excited once the Princesses, started to appear. She hardly ate anything because she was soooo excited. The best was her face, when "Snow White," came out. We had bought Brilee a Snow White dress/costume to wear at the park today. So she looked at Snow White and then down at her dress, as if to say; "Hey we look the same!" Super cute and we were so happy, because she was. All of Brian's Family joined us for this special celebration. Brilee was able to see Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. The servers even sang to her and she got a dessert, for her birthday occasion.

After, breakfast we decided to hit more of the rides that we hadn't already been too. We first took the kids to the kid friendly Bugs Life rides. We let them play there for awhile. I was finding that my favorite rides were Indiana Jones, Pirates, and Tower of Terror. Sadly, Splash Mountain was closed for maintence reasons. Made it to see the "Captain Nero," show featuring Michael Jackson. I remembered that show since I was 12 and it made me laugh then and I laughed through it now! I kid you not, still shaking my head at it. We let Brilee go to the gift shops and buy some birthday gifts/sovieners. Later, we all went back to our place and had cake and ice cream, and she opened presents from everyone. She got some great things that everyone had gotten her from the park. Happy Birthday Brilee :)

DAY 4 (WED) Last day at Disneyland

We, made the most of our last day at Disneyland, and still had some parts of both parks that weren't covered. We hit Toontown, Tomorrowland including Space Mountain, Shopping, and more rides. I even convinced Brian to go on "Its a Small World" ride for old time sake. Lets just say after the first 5 mins he was all ready to get off. Brilee and I had a great time. We ended the night at the "World of Color Show." It was really cool with all the fountains, and special effects. Only thing I didn't like is where we were sitting, because we needed to be farther back and not so close, plus there was a slight breeze that made it hard to make out the images being projected on the water. But otherwise really cool.  There is a really cool place to shop which is called DOWNTOWN DISNEY. It is like a mall that was built inbetween California Adventures and Disneyland which we ended the night shopping at.

DAY 5 (THURSDAY) Universal Studios

Pretty stoked to go here, because it has been since I was at least 12 years old, the last time I was here. We first went to a "Shrek" show which had awsome special effects, and the chairs moved for even more of an effect. Stopped for more pictures with "Lucy, Scooby Doo, Dora, Mummys, and Beetle Juice to name a few. For some reason I thought Universal was a bigger park but really isn't. We rode the Mummy ride, Jurassic Park ride, and the Simpsons ride. The Simpson's Ride was really cool, actually and they had a whole area dedicated to the Simpsons. Brian was in heaven, because he is a big fan :) We took Brilee on the ride and I was really nervous once we got on that it would be to much for her to handle. However, she surprised me and actually was just fine! She was laughing and didn't get sick at all. We also went on the well known Universal Tour on the tram. It was very long to get on, and we barely made the last tour of the day. It was cool to see different sets, that were used for well known TV shows, and Classic Movies. Several years ago, I think it was 2008 there was a fire that destroyed alot of things including the Original King Kong. So they replaced it with a simulation that had a scene with King Kong fighting T-Rex, and everything. It was cool, but I was abit disappointed. Oh, well...

Since, it was an off season, and a week day, the Park opened later, and closed earlier, and so by the time we got done, with the tour all the shows were closing. So we didn't get to see "Waterworld," (Oh darn). Just outside the Park, there was a huge mall, and so we caught a bite to eat and just window shopped. 

DAY 6 (FRIDAY) San Diego Zoo & Beach

 Went to the Zoo, and by this time I was dang tired! Not sure how everyone else felt, but the past week had started to catch up!  Our zoo, Hoogle Zoo size wise was nothing compared to this one. We all took advantage of the Tour bus ride and it was great to just be shuttled around. We enjoyed many animals such as Elephants, Bears, Polar bears, Birds, Panda bears, and so much more. Pretty much any animal you can think of they have. It was beautiful day. Brian and Brilee really enjoyed walking around and seeing everything. Due to the size of the park, we were not able to see everything in one day. seriously you could spend a few days or more just to cover it all.

The Zoo closed a bit earlier, and we had some time to spare. So some of us; Marie, Kagen, Shari, Paul, and their Son Ryder went to a nearby Beach Park, and it was so AMAZING! First time of course for Brilee and she was everywhere. Running around in the sand, and helping me find seashells. None, of us wanted to go. We didn't have any swimsuits, but it was to cold anyway to swim, but we still loved it. Wish to come back again when it is warmer to swim. Great memories for me as a kid playing at the beach. Hope to come back again someday. Later, on our way back to our places we went out to Red Lobster and enjoyed a really nice dinner together, which was a great way to end the evening. Overall it was a really fun day.

DAY 7 SATURDAY  Seaworld & Going Home

The week came and gone really fast! But when you are having such a great time, it happens :) We checked out and said goodbye to Aniehem. Our last and final park was Seaworld and we spent about 4-5 hrs there. We were able to see Penguins, and a few whales. Didn't have much time to see any shows though. Sadly, it would have been fun to see the Dolphins, and Shamu's show was closed. The highlight of the day was for Brilee because they a have a "Seseme Street," themed kids park. It was fun for her to run around and climb and play. She was able to ride some cute little rides and even played in the water fountain area (She loved getting all wet).  She was sad to leave, and it was hard to convince her too.

We were back on the road and off we went to make our loooooong drive back to Utah, but we were troopers, and it wasn't til 6am that we rolled home. Brian did a fabulous job driving and we made it safely.

This was, a great trip, and again more memories were made, but as a family for Brian, Brilee and I. I think that we all had a great time, and again I can't wait to go again in the future :)

Also, have to brag on behalf of Brilee but she had NO ACCIDENTS, the whole week! She went when needed and was a big girl!! Proud, Proud Proud....